Reseller agreement

This reseller agreement is between Eques (Eques Inc.), and an Eques Reseller (“Reseller”)

Eques is the owner of all rights, title and interest in and to, and owns the exclusive right to sell, products incorporating “Eques”, “Eques Inc.” and similar trademarks and trade names and intellectual property used in connection therewith; and enters into agreement to permit this signed reseller as authorized reseller of Eques’s products.

Eques Reseller Program Terms and Conditions

Reseller and Eques agree to enter into an agreement to sell Eques’ products as an authorized reseller and must agree to the following terms.

(a) Pricing. Prices cannot be negotiated. All resellers agreeing to be an Eques reseller must comply with our MAP and MSRP policy. Failure to follow our MAP policy will result in immediate termination of an agreement and the Reseller will not be able to sell until the price is updated according to our MAP.

(b) Sales. No Reseller is allowed to sell Eques products on Amazon. Only Resellers with Eques’ special permission are allowed to sell Eques products on eBay. Failure to follow this rule will terminate agreement and reseller will not be able to return purchased products. Only Eques is allowed to sell on Amazon.

(c) Returns/Refunds. Once product(s) is purchased, Reseller is responsible for selling the products. Eques will only offer credits for defective products, but Reseller cannot and will not be able to get refund for the completed orders. Furthermore, Reseller is responsible for the shipping costs that may occur when they return the defective units. Eques will not issue monetary refunds. Only defective products are protected by our warranty policy to be replaced and/or returned.

(d) Trademarks. “Eques”, “Eques Inc.” and such other similar trademarks and trade names as Eques may from time to time may employ or use in connection with, or authorize Reseller to employ or use in connection with the marketing, distributing, and selling the Products. Reseller must notify Eques and get an approval prior to using trademarks. No reseller is to create a website using Eques’ name as the domain name.

(e) Other Intellectual Property. All intellectual property which is from time-to-time incorporated, used, practiced, embodied in, or otherwise employed or used in connection with the Products, including, but not limited to, patents, trade secrets, industrial designs, trade dress, copyrights, and design patents, whether owned or licensed by Eques and regardless of registration, are protected by Eques.

(f) Confidential Information. All Trade Secrets, knowledge, data and other information exchanged between the Company and the Reseller are to be kept confidential, including but not limited to products, potential products, and specifications, processes, know-how, designs, formulas, data, inventions, customer lists, business plans, marketing plans and strategies, pricing strategies and other subject matter pertaining to any research, business, or planned or contemplated business. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination of contract and possible legal action.

(g) Payment. All products must be paid in advance via approved payment terms by Eques. For international resellers, only wire transfer is available. For domestic resellers, PayPal, certified check, check and wire transfer are approved. Eques will not ship products until payment is sent and confirmed from our end. Partial payment is not allowed for international resellers. Net terms are available upon application.

(h) Shipment. Shipping costs will be calculated with Reseller’s order. Eques is not responsible for delayed shipping due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, customs clearance and other factors that may arise once shipments leave Eques’ warehouses. Reseller cannot cancel an order once products are shipping out.

(i) Others. Failure to follow these aforementioned rules will result in termination of agreement and partnership with Eques. Eques has the right to refuse service and terminate working relationship due to unethical business practices and/or failure to respect and comply with Eques’ business rules and guidelines.

I certify that I have read the terms and  conditions. By signing this document, I agree to these terms and conditions as an authorized Eques reseller. I understand I will be removed as an authorized Eques reseller and will no longer be allowed to sell Eques products, if I fail to follow these terms and conditions set forth above.